What is a Disbursement Return?


When Viewing your Nimbit STATEMENT, you may notice a DISBURSEMENT RETURN listed among your 3rd party sales and DISBURSEMENTS.

These RETURNS occur usually for these reasons:

 1) The most common cause is that a fan bought a track of yours on a 3rd party site (iTunes for example), then later opted to buy the full album that the original track came from, Because full digital albums are often offered at a discount price compared to the total price of the the individual tracks of that album at their individual price (ie a 12 track MP3 album is offered at $9.99 USD verses 12 tracks X .99 each), the 3rd party seller (iTunes for example) will issue a DISBURSEMENT RETURN (giving money back to the fan) in order to charge them the discounted MP3 album price.

2) Less often, a fan who buys a digital song or album from a 3rd party site (iTunes for example) may complain and demand a refund. iTunes will issue a refund and send Nimbit a DISBURSEMENT RETURN which will appear you in your Nimbit STATEMENT.

If you have further question please click HELP/LIVE CHAT in your Nimbit dashboard or email SUPORT@NIMBIT.COM

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